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I had a really good day today! I woke up a little early and laid in bed until 11ish. I left to go to Stephanie’s house to meet up with Lin and then we started our downtown adventure! We took the bus and trolley to Horton Plaza and met up with Hong. :) By the way, we all matched. :D After that, we walked to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. We had a lot of fun and the place was so fancy and the food was so cheap! I loved it! After that, we went to this hotel to find a window so we could see the view of downtown san diego, but that failed LOL. We got so freaked out because it felt like a freakin’ scary movie. HAHA and Hong and I felt so light headed and we fell down and laid on the ground LOLOL. Then we went to the trolley station again and went back to Hong’s house. My step dad picked us up and he took them home. I went home, showered, and now I’m webcamming with Lin and Stephanie! :) Yay! Successful adventure day. <3

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